P-Bar Coupler

SNTP P-Bar Couplers offer a full strength connection together with enhanced fatigue resistance. Available for Bar sizes 12mm-50mm, they are suitable for projects of all size, including those requiring a high volume of couplers, such as road and rail bridges.

The threaded bar ends are prepared using the cold forging method due to which there is no reduction of the cross-sectional area of the bar but there is also the enhancement of the mechanical properties of the threaded portion of the TMT Bar.

SNTP P-Bar Couplers are designed to achieve failure loads in excess of 115% of the characteristic strength of grade Fe 500, 500D & 550 rebar. The application of the parallel thread differentiates P-Bar from other threaded rebar systems. Each threaded bar end is proof-loaded to a force equal or more to the characteristic yield strength of the rebar. It is the combination of these processes that provide the connection with enhanced fatigue resistance. P-Bar Couplers achieve full strength of upto 700 N/mm2 on hand tightening. P-Bar Couplers withstand high fatigue load of upto 2 million cycles.

SNTP P-Bar Couplers are manufactured in compliance with IS 16172: 2014, BS EN 1992-1-1: 2004 (Eurocode 2), ACI 918 and BS 8110 for mechanical splices.


  • Each end of the rebar to be joined is cut square and enlarged using a cold forge process.
  • A thread is then formed on the enlarged bar end using the SNTP Threading machine.
  • The thread is such that the cross-sectional area of the bar ends are not reduced ensuring the strength of the connection matches or exceeds that of the parent bars.
  • SNTP P-Bar Couplers can easily be installed by hand tightening only. Use of a pipe wrench in not mandatory for tightening of the rebar to the coupler.
  • Type-B Threading system is for positional applications where the TMT bar length is more and in situations where it is not possible to rotate the bar. Instead the Coupler is rotated.